• Research, consulting, training & project development in the field of impact finance, system change and social innovation



    I believe that we need to look for innovative and entrepreneurial ways to address social and environmental challenges such as climate change, unemployment, integration of refugees or unequal access to opportunities and that solutions need to cut across organizational, sectoral or disciplinary boundaries. Many of us have experienced the great potential of relationships between individuals and groups brought together by a common idea. I also do recognize the importance of finance and investment not as a means in itself but as a way to bring new ideas to life, help entrepreneurs and enterprises grow and achieved transformative impact.


    We need more information on best (and worst) practices and better data in the impact field to encourage engagement by the private sector and financial institutions, to help government make better decisions and to put to work financial, human and social capital to where impact is greatest. And we need to make use of technology as an opportunity to achieve the sustainable development goals.

    I share the conviction of an increasing community of changemakers that "the success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor".* We therefore need increased awareness at individual and collective level to be able facilitate transformative change.
    (Istanbul, November 2013)

    *Scharmer, O. Käufer, K., 2013, From Egosystem to Ecossytem.


    Creating ideas, Catalyzing innovation, Connecting changemakers

    Applied Research & Advisory Services

    I provide hands-on advice to governments, development agencies, foundations and other organizations to use their capacities, networks and financial resources in a way that makes a real difference. The work is grounded in latest academic research and gathers best practices thanks to my broad network in this field and own experience spanning over almost two decades of working in this field.

    Training & Facilitation

    The complex problems we are seeking to address require multilingual leaders with the ability to build bridges combing technical and financial skills with understanding of the social and environmental imperatives and leadership skills. Together with other facilitators and experts, we develop learning opportunities for both practitioners and newcomers to the impact and social innovation field and we create the space required for deeper listening, learning and connection. I am a trained facilitator in collective leadership methods such as Theory U and Art of Hosting and Generative facilitation.

    Project incubation & Development

    I am a passionate entrepreneur myself and I enjoy bringing new ideas to life. With partners around the world I engage in strengthening the market infrastructure and providing products and services to entrepreneurs, intermediaries, investors and policy makers.

    Communication & Sharing

    I actively share knowledge through publications, speaking engagements, as member of working groups or as mentor. I thus hope to contribute to promote the development of impact markets in Germany as well as internationally.

  • Projects

    Recent activities

    Innovative development finance / KfW & BMZ

    Project manager & senior development finance expert

    Led a team of international experts to take stock of innovative development finance trends, strategies, review of international and German development cooperation experiences in the field of innovative development finance, and provide recommendation to the German government (BMZ) and KfW. The team drafted a comprehensive stocktaking report (internal); and co-authored a toolbox document (2019-2020).

    Scaling refugee entrepreneurship support

    Member of Advisory Team

    Appointed to an international team of experts to advise an Italian corporate social investor on scaling of a refugee entrepreneurship support across Europe (since 2020).

    Workshop facilitation in strategic philanthropy / German foundation

    Project manager & senior facilitator

    Prepared and facilitated a workshop with the senior management team of one of Germany's largest foundation on the foundation's phasing out (exit) of its partner organisation. The process included in-depth interviews with senior leadership of the foundation, identifying critical issues, provision of related content and expertise, facilitation of 2 day workshop and workshop documentation (2020).

    International Entrepreneurship Practitioner Exchange: Beyond the Known / BMZ, GIZ, IFC, EBRD, ILO

    Facilitator & moderator

    Facilitated a global practitioners' exchange to "Discover New Ways to Promote Entrepreneurship & Support MSME Development gathering entrepreneurship support organisations, practitioners, experts, investors and donors. On behalf of an international coalition of donors: BMZ, GIZ, EBRD, IFC, ILO and in cooperation with Adelphi (2019).


    Strategic advisory to corporate client on sustainable finance and business trends in South East Asia /Corporate client

    Senior advisor

    Advised a private client on key trends in sustainable finance as well as market opportunities in sustainable business and finance market in Indonesia. Designed and supporting a major stakeholder convening of sustainable finance and business community in Indonesia as a market entry strategy for the client (2019-20).

    Promotion of entrepreneurship and enterprise development / Swisscontact

    Senior Entrepreneurship Advisor

    Private sector foundation Swisscontact embarked on a journey to develop knowledge knowledge and contribute to the international debate on how entrepreneurship and enterprise development can be best promoted (2017-2018).


    More information about the principles developed can be accessed in our blog.

    Finance Guide / GIZ

    Senior finance expert

    The Finance Guide is an introduction to the basics of commercial finance and investment in the context of development cooperation. The objective is to enable readers with limited or no prior exposure to finance topics to understand some key aspects in the public and private sector. Given the increasing importance of mobilizing private capital for development purposes, the Finance Guide is intended to provide orientation to GIZ staff when considering the role of commercial finance in designing and implementing technical-assistance programs. In addition, when working with implementing partners or businesses looking for finance, the reader will be able to assume a more substantial role in supporting such local partners and entrepreneurs in developing bankable and investment-ready projects or businesses (2017/18).


    The guide can be accessed at Endeva's website, the lead partner for this assignment.

    Funding and supporting innovation: learning, risk taking and dealing with failures / Nesta


    Supporting the UK innovation agency Nesta with designing and conducting a comprehensive piece of research on how foundations and other innovation funders fund and support innovation. The focus was on the role of learning, risk taking and failure and we specifically looked at philanthropic innovation funders engaged in developing and emerging countries. The results were to feed into the design of programs in international development


    See more details here. 

    Finance for Change

    Impact investing leadership development & training


    F4C was one of the first European leadership program to make the nascent field of impact oriented investing and social finance accessible to philanthropic funders, VC funds, business angels, intermediaries and financial institutions in both the D-A-CH region and internationally and introduce them to the field of impact investing (2016-2017).

    Mobilising Private Capital for Sustainable Development: Concepts, Issues and Options for Engagement in Impact Investing and Innovative Finance / Danida

    Research & Advisory

    Advised Danida, the Danish Development Agency on options to mobilise private sector capital for sustainable development. The work included a recap of the current discussion of key concepts in impact investing and innovative finance, an identification of critical issues based on a literature review, stakeholder interviews in Europe, the US and emerging markets and a review of more than 20 blended finance vehicles.


    The report is available here and the annexes including fact sheets for various blended finance investment vehicles can be downloaded here.

    Social Investment Program Turkey / JP Morgan Chase Foundation

    Leadership development & Training

    Developed, designed and managed a training, mentoring and co-investment program for impact entrepreneurs, social businesses, intermediaries, social investors in Turkey supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Co-trainer in 3 day social investment training with a panel of highly recognized international social investment and impact measurement experts.

    Developing social impact investment markets in Turkey / Mercator Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation


    As Fellow of the German Mercator Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation supported Impact Investing Policy Collaborative at the Istanbul Policy Center of Sabanci University Turkey led the first major research project in Turkey on social entrepreneurship and impact investment. The work included a major social and green entrepreneurship survey; the testing of potential investors’ interest under various scenarios; identification on necessary conditions by international impact investment firms and funds for engaging in Turkey; review of legal framework; the development of options for engagement by government and other market builders; convening of Turkey's first international impact investing conference in cooperartion with UNDP.

    The results of the research were documented and shared in various publications, newspaper articles and blogs, which can be accessed here.

    Inclusive Business Policies in Colombia and Indonesia / GIZ

    Research & Advisory

    Inclusive Business involve low income communities in the value chain. Commissioned by GIZ, the German Government Agency explored demand by governments in Indonesia and Columbia for assistance for developing inclusive business policies.

    G20 Inclusive Business Framework / Turkish Government

    Research & Advisory

    The Turkish presidency of the G20 in 2015 identified Inclusive Business Policies as a priority topic for its Development Working Group. IFC and UNDP have been tasked by the G20 to lead on the development of a Framework on Inclusive Business Policies that can guide further actions. We were commissioned to support the consulting team led by our colleagues at Endeva to support the development of the framework. The Framework has been adopted as part of the G20 presidency in 2014.


    The G20 Inclusive Business Framework can be accessed here.

    Feasibility Study for an Impact Investment Fund in Northern Kenya / Care International


    The project aim was to identify innovative options to channel sustainable investment finance to an economically underdevelopment region in Kenya. Work included a review of financial service providers, their products and technologies to identify market gaps; the implementation of an enterprise survey to identify market needs for new financial and non-financial support; a review of international experience in public venture capital, investment fund design and management of funds for social impact; the development of an initial deal pipeline, advice on fund design options, a fund investment strategy and testing of investor interest. NKIF became part of the governments Vision2030.

  • Insights

    Selected publications

    European Social Catalyst Fund, 2021: Planning the Scaling of Social Innovation

    The European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF) has been established and is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, the Genio Trust, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the King Baudouin Foundation. This report contains a summary of scaling plans developed by organisations and consortia for 7 selected innovations that have been tried, tested and proven to be successful in tackling a range of social challenges. The financial and non-financial support offered by the ESCF is outlined and the lessons learned during the development of plans to scale are described

    The report can be downloaded here from ESCF website

    Koenig, A. Clubb, C. Apampa, A. 2020, Innovative Development Finance - Toolbox

    Guidance document on innovative development finance with 12 fact sheets prepared on behalf of German Development Bank KfW

    Koenig, A. et al 2020, Innovative development finance - stocktaking report

    Executive summary of stocktaking project on innovative development finance mechanism & recommendations carried out on behalf of German Development Bank, KfW and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development / Niras, Convergence, LFS Advisory led by Anja-Nadine König (Social Impact Markets). Publication forthcoming

    Knobloch, C; Uba, A.; König, A (2018): GIZ Finance Guide

    The GIZ Finance Guide is an 101 introduction into the world of finance in the context of development cooperation. The objective is to enable readers with limited or no prior exposure to finance topics to understand key financing instruments and mechanism.

    The report can be downloaded here from Endevas website

    Koenig, A. & Jackson, T, 2016, Mobilisizing private capital for international development: emerging trends and challenges

    in: ECDPM GREAT INSIGHTS, 2030 Smart Engagement with business, Vol 5 Issue 5 October/November 2016, p 16. The article can be accessed here and the entire issue can be downloaded here (article on page 16-19)

    Koenig, A. and Jackson, E., 2016, Private Capital for Sustainable Development: Concepts, Issues and Options for Engagement in Impact Investing and Innovative Finance. Danida Evaluation Study 2/2016.

    The main report and annexes can be accessed here. Annexes include more than 20 fact sheets of blended finance impact investment funds, a market overview and new directions in impact measurement

    Koenig, A. , 2016, Impact Investing 2.0 - Global drivers and trends, Berenberg aspects August 2016

    An analysis of drivers and 10 key trends in impact investing

    The report can be accessed here (in German and English)

    Koenig, A. (2014): Developing social impact markets in Turkey: Framework for government engagement and review of policy options. Istanbul Policy Center, Sabanci University, Istanbul, April 2014

    Addis, R., Koenig, A. (2014): Reflections on the Global Market. Why the G8 Social Impact Investing Taskforce Work Matters and What comes next?

    in IIPC, Impact Investing in 2014: A Snapshot of Global Activity, Impact Investing Policy Collaborative Annual Report 2014, p 13. The report can be downloaded here, the article can be found on page 13-22

    Koenig, A. (2014): Market Analysis in Social Impact Investing: Design Considerations And International Experience

    In IIPC, Impact Investing in 2014: A Snapshot of Global Activity, Impact Investing Policy Collaborative Annual Report 2014, p 31. The report can be downloaded here, the article can be found on page 31-44

    Koenig, A., Cetindamar, D., 2016, Turkey Country Study in: The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise: A country-by-country analysis of responsible business and social entrepreneurship.

    Edited by Wayne Visser Greenleaf Publishing, January 2016. Access the publication here.

    Koenig, A. , 2013, Social Investment: Global Trends and Implications for Turkey

    Istanbul Policy Center, Sabanci University, Turkey October 2013.

    Collection of blog posts published between February 2013 and May 2013 on global trends in social investments globally, the situation in Turkey, diaspora investing and the need for a holistic approach to market building for social investment in Turkey

    The report can be downloaded here and a blog on implications is available here.

    Koenig, A. (2013): Social and Green Entrepreneurship Survey in Turkey – Methodology and Findings

    Istanbul Policy Center, Turkey October 2013.

    Collection of blogs: Documentation of methodological considerations in designing and implementing Turkey’s first survey of green and social entrepreneurship and survey results.

    The report can be downloaded here.

    Koenig, A., 2013, What do international impact investors think of Turkey

    Istanbul Policy Centre, Sabanci University, Turkey

    Results of interviews with leading impact investment fund managers and firms on why impact investors engage in one country and not in another.

    The report can be downloaded here and initial findings are discussed in this blog

  • Insight

    Articles, presentations & speaking engagements


    Koenig, A. (2013): Entrepreneurship for social impact in Turkey:
    fancy trend or potential game changer? published in the Milliyet, 29 June 2013 in Turkish (download here – differences to the final publication as edited by Milliyet staff) and in English (download here)

    Koenig, A. (2014): Social and environmental impact investing: from ego-system to eco-system (published in Turkish on T24 on 09.01.2014)

    Koenig, A (2014): Opportunities for social investing in Turkey (in Hurriyet DailyNews on 11.03.2014, access here)


    Presentations and speaking engagements

    GIZ Symposium (September 2018): Entrepreneurship Guiding Principles: how to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development effectively.

    European Venture Philanthropy Association Annual Conference: “New VP tools in international development: more resources for more impact? (3- 4 November 2016, Paris, more details here).

    GIZ/ADB/Government of Indonesia: Public policy in inclusive business and impact investing & Inclusive Business Policies in Tourism, Jakarta, May 2015)

    Hertie School of Governance, Berlin: The role of the public sector in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation (18 February 2015 download).

    European Venture Philanthropy Association Annual Conference: Investment readiness programs: the solution to deal-flow or the myth? Berlin, 18 November 2014.

    MarS Social Finance Forum, Bridging Policy and Practice to grow the impact investing market. Toronto, Thursday 6 November 2014.

    Private Equity International, Turkey Forum, Impact investing opportunities in Turkey. Istanbul 29 October 2014.

    Technology Foundation of Turkey, What is next in Impact Investing, Istanbul 9 September 2014.

    JP Morgan Chase Foundation/Sabanci University Istanbul, 1-3 June 2014: Advanced Training on Social Investment, Co-training with Rodney Schwartz of Clearly So.

    Sabanci University, Launch of the JP Morgan Chase Foundation - Sabanci University Social Investment Program, Istanbul February 2014 What is Social investment and why do we need it?

    Sankalp Africa Summit Nairobi, February 12-13, 2014: Government and development (finance) institutions in social innovation: trends and opportunities to catalyze investment for social and environmental impact.

    GIZ 16th International Business Forum | October 24, 2013: Government as Impact Investors: Innovations and New Perspectives. (download here)

    Climbiz Emerging Europe Impact Investing Day | September 26, 2013: Impact Investing in Turkey: Stories from the Field. (download here).

    Impact Investing Policy Collaborative Annual Conference | London (UK) |July 7-11, 2013: How is Turkey Engaging Key Stakeholders to Build a Policy Platform for Social Innovation? (download here)

    Regional Social Entrepreneurship Day | Budapest (Hungary) | June 14, 2013: Experience in Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey (download here)

    EuroAsia Social Business Forum | May 23, 2013: Social Investment – global trends and opportunities in Turkey (download here)

    TUSEV Impact seminar – Regional Development Agencies | Istanbul | April 2013: Findings from the Social and Green Entrepreneurship Survey (download here)

    Istanbul Policy Centre – Sabanci University | November 2012 – Social Impact Markets – project presentation (download here)

  • Blog

    Observations on impact markets development and trends

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  • Testimonials

    What others said about my work - Thank You!

    "Anja is one of the most innovative partners I've had the pleasure of working with in the social innovation and impact investing fields. She is a visionary who connects people and ideas in a way that has real practical results borne out through important policy and infrastructure change; she is tireless in her approach to building effective impact investing markets whether through convening field leaders, training practitioners, or conducting her own landmark research; and she is absolutely wonderful to work with. I consider her a critical adviser, collaborator, and thought partner to whom I will continue to turn for insight. It is my pleasure to recommend her."

    Colby Daley, Managing Director at Build Healthy Work Places California/USA (former Associate Director at Pacific Community Ventures/Impact Investing Policy Collaborative by the Rockefeller Foundation)

    "Anja was instrumental in creating and implementing the Social Investment Program at the Entrepreneurship Centre/Sabanci University that I have joined. Anja demonstrated great professionalism, experience and knowledge in Impact investment. The most impressive part of her involvement was her enthusiasm and dedication in making impact investment a norm of investment in Turkey."

    Huseyin Demirhisar, Impact Investment Expert Amsterdam (formerly at PYMWYMIC and Angel Wings Ventures)

    "As a person who is curious and keen to learn I attended the F4C Investor Bootcamp in order to expand my horizon, my knowledge and my network in relation to Impact Investing - all of it has been achieved ! The interactive design, the contribution of a wide range and highly competent experts and the mix of participants has been very valuable to hear different perspectives and to facilitate an exchange of these different groups. Anja and Leon have managed to set up a great format and I hope they will manage to create a series of offerings!."

    Klaus Naeve, Head Philanthropic Advisory Services, Joh. Berenberg Gosslar &Co. KG Hamburg

    "Knowing Anja and joining the Social Investment Program conducted by her was my one of best choices in life. [...] This Social Investment Program helped me to understand the philosophy of social entrepreneurship, social needs, and stakeholder expectations. All my life changed in a very good way after entering social investments world following participation in this fabulous program."

    Besim Caliskan, IPA International Rescue Committee Turkey

  • Profile

    Anja-Nadine König

    Founder and Director

    Anja Koenig is an experienced impact and development professional with in-depth technical expertise in impact finance, entrepreneurship promotion, blended value partnerships and a trained facilitator in social innovation, generative facilitation and systems change. She enjoys co-creating multistakeholder strategies and systemic interventions, catalyzing new ideas and connecting individuals and organization for greater impact.


    She is currently part time staff with the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), an European network of social investors. In this capacity she represents EVPA in the DACH region, facilitates interactive formats for peer learning and leads EVPA's work on system change which explores the use of collaborative and system approaches in investing for impact for transformative impact.


    Between 2017 and 2018 she supported private sector foundation Swisscontact develop a strategy with regard to the promotion of entrepreneurship, finance and innovation in emerging countries. In 2016, she initiated Finance for Change at the Impact Hub Berlin, a visionary leadership program for investors and finance professionals to use finance for sustainable development. In Turkey, in 2013-14 she initiated and led the Social Investment Program supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation and in 2012/2013 she was fellow of the Mercator Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation (Impact Investing Policy Collaborative) researching and sharing on policy interventions to promote impact investing. Between 2007-2010 she worked on various advisory assignments on behalf of governments, development finance institutions and companies in East Africa and represented KfW, the German Development Bank in the oversight committee of a USD 1bn Multi-Donor Trust Fund in Southern Sudan. In Kenya, she also worked with Financial Advisory Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya and as resident policy advisor to the Kenya government with the German Development Agency GIZ. She was also expert advisor with an economic consulting company in London/UK focusing on public-private partnership and regulatory work in the UK and in emerging countries worldwide with a specific focus on water, energy and communications sector. She started her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany in the audit impact assessment of KfW Development Bank.
    She holds a MBA (University of Mannheim, Germany), a degree in Political Science and Economics (IEP “Science Po”, Paris France) and a post Master degree in Development Studies (German Development Institute). She holds a certificate in generative facilitation from the Generative Facilitation Institute Berlin and is trained in Theory U, Art of Hosting and other system practices (e.g. with the School of System Change / Forum of the Future) to help system leaders and groups successfully navigate innovation and systemic change for greater impact.


    Anja is mentor at MentorMe, Germany's largest professional mentoring platform for young women, mentor with OnPurpose, supporter of Frauenalia, supporting newcomer women with workplace integration or entrepreneurship support; as co-host and facilitator of the Berlin Chapter of Impact for Breakfast; as member of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND); as member of the Federal Initiative for Impact Investing Germany (BII) and as pro bono jury member of start social, a government program to support innovative social projects in Germany.


    She speaks German (native), English, French as well as some Portuguese and basic Turkish. She is now based in Berlin, after living as a long term resident in London (UK), Nairobi (Kenya) and Istanbul (Turkey) and working on assignments in various countries in Africa, CEE, MENA, Asia and Latin America.

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